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Monthly Archives: November 2010

I had the opportunity to be part of the opening of the Microsoft Store at the Mall of America in Minneapolis today.  The energy and the excitement was amazing, and the store itself is gorgeous.




The Mall of America has an amusement park in the middle including a roller coaster.

The day before…the store was still under wraps.

At a separate Kinect experience demo in the mall, people were lining up and having fun trying out the controller and some of the new games.

The dancing title was very popular but my colleague and I chose table tennis.  I lost on match point.

Next day…ready for the opening.  A very large crowd showed up.

Microsoft cut some big checks in support of community groups like this $300,000 gift to the High School Technology Program.

The curtain was finally removed and the store was revealed and officially opened…

…and people who had invested a lot of time in line started to make their way into the store.

The store staff greeted everyone coming in with high-fives.

This view shows the competition directly across from the store.  They were looking rather empty today.