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My children rolled their eyes at my excitement about the impending launch of the Apple Watch. “Why would you want one of those?”

I staunchly defended my pro-Watch position, arguing that a wearable device done right could be incredibly useful. Also, I love new devices. My kids range in age from late teens to mid twenties, and I did start to wonder if the appeal of the Watch would be lost on younger demographics.

The highly anticipated pre-order finally arrived last night, and I settled into a long evening waiting for 3:01 a.m. so I could place my order as early as possible. I knew exactly what I wanted, and all I had to do was click “select” on the stainless version.

Market research can be tricky, and purchase intent and action are not always closely correlated. It’s one thing to think about owning a shiny new product in the abstract, and it’s another to make the actual commitment to spend the dollars and incorporate whatever new thing it is into your life.

iPhoneWatch cropped

At around 2:00 a.m. I was starting to get second thoughts. Will I actually replace my classic automatic-winding watch that never needs batteries? Do I need another thing to charge every day? How many extra chargers will I need so that I always have one on hand? Do I want to invest in learning a new user interface and configuring and maintaining another device? If I wind up not using it, will I be able to pawn it off on my wife since my kids won’t want it? Will this thing simply end up collecting dust on a shelf after the novelty has worn off?

At 2:50 a.m., I finished my third cup of herbal tea, closed my MacBook Pro, and went straight to bed. I will watch from the sidelines on this one.